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VestCheck Program

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Vest Check Body Armor Testing ProgramVestCheck™ is a part of our Quality program and used in conjunction with our ongoing quality assurance-testing program developed for Safariland NIJ-06 body armor vest sold under the respective brands.  

The intent of the VestCheck program is to verify the ability of the armor model(s) to provide the intended level of protection across the prescribed life cycle and or stated warrantee.  

VestCheck originated in 2003 and currently redesigned in 2010 for our new NIJ 06 models. VestCheck allows us to collect data for ballistic integrity, durability, protection and comfort.  The Vest Check Manager contacts officers in the field that are currently wearing our vest. We test  the used or worn vest it using the NIJ 0101.06 V0 conditioned body armor standard. The vest is replaced at zero charge.  The officers are welcome to come to our lab and observe the testing and see the results.  

As part of this quality assurance program Safariland evaluates the used body armor, according to the “Categories of Wear over Time” chart created by the Ballistic Engineering Department.    The VestCheck program includes the physical inspection and ballistic testing of every vest submitted, as well as an in-depth review of individual officer wear, storage and maintenance habits of their vest.   The customer/end user completes the “Customer Questionnaire”, which tells us about the history (use and care) of the vest and the end-user.  

Since inception, the VestCheck program has identified several critical factors necessary to ensure optimal ballistic performance of our vest over the warranty period. Key factors that can affect body armor performance include:   Vests worn with the ballistic panels improperly inserted into their carriers (backwards, with body side facing outward).   If an office looses or gains  a significant amount of weight the vest may not fit properly, resulting in gaps in side panel coverage with potential shortcomings in ballistic coverage.  

Vests subjected to unusually heavy wear or obvious exposure to severe environmental conditions, or chemical/ UV exposure. This abuse can result in ballistic panels with large set-wrinkles, torn panel coverings or physically damaged ballistic panels.   Lack of care and routine inspections of the vest indicate an overall lack of awareness.  Proper care and periodic inspection is required to prevent an unsafe vest in the field.    

VestCheck has increase our customers knowledge and understanding of how body armor performs under real-life conditions. Our Program educates the law enforcement community and body armor end users concerning the importance and process of body armor use and care, hygiene and periodic inspection, as well as increasing the officer safety and overall industry confidence.


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