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Hybrid Engineering Approach

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There is more than one way to stop a bullet and American Body Armor is committed to discovering and developing complete ballistic solutions, creating hybrid models that compromise nothing and support ABA’s legacy of trust.

With an in-house ballistics laboratory, ABA stays on the leading edge of ballistics research, continually testing and researching the leading wovens and unidirectional laminates. By combining both wovens and unidirectional laminates in carefully designed configurations, we understand precisely how they perform together, which allows our engineers to take advantage of the best of both worlds.


Woven materials include some of the most thoroughly proven, trusted ballistic materials known to science. Their unique blend of protective strength plus flow-through breathability gives our ballistic engineers the ability to design both strength and flexibility into every ABA vest.

Unidirectional Laminates
Laminate technologies offer the optimum combination of stopping power, light weight and flexibility. Some of today’s most advanced ballistic materials are unidirectional laminates, and as new advancements are made, ABA engineers test and evaluate them for use in our vests.

Hybrid ballistic vests from ABA incorporate the best performance features of numerous ballistics fabrics, combining the breathability of woven materials with lighter, flexible unidirectional laminates to deliver complete protection.  The result of ABA’s hybrid ballistics architecture is stronger, thinner and lighter vests with superb wearability, optimal mobility and industry-leading stopping power to protect against the ever-changing threats officers encounter on today’s streets.
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